Why help poor countries in need?

Helping Other Countries

There are a multitude of reasons why you should help other countries. Some people emphatically disagree with this creed, prioritising the needs, wants and agenda of their own nation above that of others. However, it is critical that you volunteer to provide aid for countries other than your own. Philanthropy has grown in recent years, especially with the advent of computer technology, which allows for a more extensive scope and outreach to individuals throughout the globe. This widespread accessibility to people all over the globe has contributed greatly to the philanthropic movements that have enriched the world in recent years. Read below to discover a few solid reasons why you should donate your money and time to foreign nations.

Top Reasons

The first rational basis behind donating to poor countries is the notion that all men are equal. Some may radically oppose this concept, noting that their countries should solely invest its own efforts to remedy impoverished sectors of the population. Given the rampant spread of poverty and homelessness, some have arrived to the conclusion that aiding other countries is not in our best interest. However, this could not be further from the truth. As member of the human race, we all occupy an equitable status as global citizens, and nothing can detract from this truth. Centralise your focus on the relative needs of your nation disregards the ailing needs of the developing world.

The second consideration simply poses the question of why not? Although wealthier, developed countries are plagued by their own respective incidences of poverty and lack of resources, developing countries suffer greatly, in terms of their accessibility to medical aid, vaccines, clean water, and a number of other amenities that are gravely understated in importance. With this said, we must venture beyond the bounds of our own comfort zones, and aid other countries because we are lavished with such a bounty in resources ourselves.

Here is another indispensable benefit of aiding impoverished countries. Foreign diplomacy can significantly aid the national security of any nation. And providing aid to a poor county can ultimately benefit us, improving our perception in their eyes, a cultivating a certain level of civility and coexistence that breeds peace, instead of war. The fewer enemies that a particular nation has, the better.

It is critical to note the principle of reciprocity, and the prospect that we may require another nation’s assistance some time down the line. And of course, many developed nations are predicated on notions of liberal ideals, democracy and freedom, as well. Therefore, the ideals and actions of a nation should be indicative of these political philosophies.

The final reason is simple. We should empathize with other human beings. Every day, countless children succumb to curable disease, malaria and a number of other pathogens that could easily be treated with outside aid. Both children and adults are sold into slavery and trafficked around the world. Of course, the lingering issue of starvation is a palpable one that still plagues the world today. With this said, we should uphold a noble standard that permits foreign aid for this very reason.